DERM EASE Strawberry Face Wash

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DERM EASE Strawberry Face Wash, Anti-aging properties: Strawberries are loaded with anti-oxidant and vitamin c, which can be helpful to fight free radicals—one of the main causes of wrinkle formation. This prevents wrinkles from forming on the skin, thereby providing healthy and younger-looking skin. Say goodbye to acne: Notorious acne caused by excess accumulation of sebum can be cleared off with the nutrients in this fruit. The acidic nature of strawberries enables them to remove excess oil from the skin. UV skin protection: The powerful anti-oxidant, ellagic acid is very useful as it protects the skin from harmful UV rays Skin lightening: Strawberries contain skin lightening extracts as well as ellagic acid which reduces dark spots on the skin. Simply apply the Strawberry Facewash to the dark spots on your skin using a cotton ball and rinse thoroughly afterward.

About the Item:

  • Net QTY 100ml per Tube
  • Reduces the number of superficial wrinkles
  • Improves skin texture and tone
  • Unblocks and cleanses the pores


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